Learnerbly Live: Beware of HR Debt

HR Debt can wreak havoc on the culture, processes and growth of a company. But it doesn't have to be that way if you are aware of what it is, why it happens and how to keep it under control.

Steven Bianchi and Joobee Yeow have those answers.

About the Panelists


Steven Bianchi

Chief People & Operations Officer at Beamery

Steve Bianchi is Chief People & Operations Officer at Beamery and founder of Organisation Logic.

Steve understands what it takes for organisations to be exemplary in their industry; he has helped UK-based start-ups to secure over $1 billion in direct venture capital funding since 2018.

He has worked in many sectors and supported many recognisable organisations, such as Unilever, Zalando, SenSat, Improbable, Canonical, Revolut, Zego, Wheely, Advent International and Deutsche Bank.

JooBee-Square (1)

JooBee Yeow

Consultant, educator, speaker, writer and advisor to startups

Across two decades, JooBee has spanned many roles from consulting (working with clients such as Google, Rolls Royce and Bosch) to internal HR roles, where she implemented strategic people solutions to scale hyper-growth start-ups such as Schibsted (e.g. Sphock, GumTree, leboncoin, InfoJobs, Mudah), MOO, Culture Trip and iTech Media.

Recently, she has launched a blog and open-source initiative with the aim of making knowledge and learnings accessible for people building better, faster and more fulfilling start-ups.